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We joined The Code

Synergy-Connect announces their commitment to end trafficking in persons through new partnership with ECPAT USA - The Code

Miami, FL, July 9, 2021 -- Synergy-Connect and its sub-brand LatinPlus DMC Group proudly announce their partnership with ECPAT-USA to join The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.  As a member of The Code, Synergy-Connect, LatinPlus DMC Group and its stakeholders throughout the Americas, join travel industry leaders in the private sector to advocate, create awareness and condemn all forms of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children through travel and tourism.  This initiative is aligned with their core values and principles of creativity, passion, integrity,flexibility, accountability and transparency.  Synergy-Connect strives to deliver sustainably responsible, extraordinary services and experiences and make a positive impact on their partners, community, destinations and the planet.


“The Code is part of our corporate social responsibility and sustainable tourism initiatives,” said Synergy-Connect managing partner Maura Zhang.  “Human trafficking affects all sectors of the travel and tourism industry in all parts of the world, as traffickers use hotel rooms, transportation (i.e. airlines, buses), voluntourism among other means to conduct this crime, thus, we implemented a zero tolerance of human trafficking and child labor policy.”


“We take on the responsibility to create awareness through our network to reduce opportunities for trafficking through our business,” said managing partner Patricia Sahin.  “Our clients can rest assured that our suppliers and partners are also committed to the fight in their respective regions.”


Synergy-Connect is committed to the implementation of socially responsible policies and practices, and to educate their contractors, partners and clients, to protect every person’s right to safety and security, especially children.  Many of their clients and the governments in their partner destinations have also developed their own framework and strategies to combat this crime.



Synergy-Connect is a collaboration launched 2017 by a team of seasoned hospitality professionals, with a shared passion for unconventional travel and emerging Destinations.  They put together their diverse backgrounds and individual skill-sets, to represent, consult, and connect global destination providers of unique and memorable experiences, with professional meeting and event planners in North America.  They offer a unique sales and marketing representation solution for CVBs and DMCS (Convention and Visitor Bureaus and Destination Management Companies).  In 2020, Synergy-Connect launched LatinPlus DMC Group, as a network of independent Destination Management Companies specialized in Latin America’s Top Destinations for meetings, incentives and group travel.


Media Contact--

Patricia Perez-Sahin

Managing Partner


D 773-451-6247 




The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code) is the world’s first and only voluntary set of business principles travel and tour companies can implement to prevent sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. The Code provides awareness, tools, and support to the travel and hospitality industry. The Code is a joint venture between the tourism private sector and ECPAT.


Companies that endorse The Code are supported by ECPAT-USA to:

- Establish a policy and procedures against sexual exploitation of children.

- Train employees in children's rights, the prevention of sexual exploitation and how to

report suspected cases.

- Include a clause in contracts throughout the value chain stating a common repudiation

and zero tolerance policy of sexual exploitation of children.

- Provide information to travelers on children's rights, the prevention of sexual exploitation of children and how to report suspected cases.

- Support, collaborate and engage stakeholders in the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.

- Report annually on their implementation of Code related activities.



ECPAT-USA is the leading anti-child trafficking organization in the United States seeking to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and

legislation. ECPAT-USA is a member of ECPAT International, a network of organizations in more than 100 countries with one common mission: to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children around the world. For more information, visit

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